The Hourglasses

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The Hourglasses are a number of identical wondrous items, constructed by the Nightbringers, who possess an aura very similar to the Tear of Pharasma. If the host of the Tear touches an Hourglass, he and anyone near him is transported to the Chained Statue. Afterwards the Hourglass becomes inactive, its magic dissolved.
The drow Zaros is the Master of Chains and is responisble for the artifacts’ recovery and protection.

When a person is holding one of the Hourglasses, age, hunger, thirst, afflictions (such as diseases, curses, and poisons), and natural healing doesn’t function for him. They do however resume functioning when the person lets go.

The Hourglasses were constructed by the Nightbringers many hundreds of years ago, but they were scattered due to infighting in the cult. They do still possess 1.

There are 9 Hourglasses in total.

Aura strong transmutation and conjuration (teleportation)

Found Hourglasses
8 (5 active, 3 used)

The Hourglasses

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