The Grey Gauntlet

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The Grey Gauntlet was a guild who practiced private security and training. Their elite-trained warriors and spell-casters were send to all corners of the Shadow Plane and the Material Plane to provide the best of protection.
Their current guild-house is located in the Plaza District next to the Gargoyle Plaza.

The guild was attacked and destroyed by Orin Katar in the year 3200 AF on the order of Zaros and the Nightbringers. In the attack the guild master Amen Jorde was killed. A number of guild members, who were on missions, avoided the slaughter and went into hiding.

In June 3200 AF the remnants of the Grey Gauntlet allied themselves with the Wererats of Gloomwrought and began their attack on Orin Katar by destroying their outposts in the city.
They finally destroyed Orin Katar in an all-out assault on July the 10th. Both the leader Damuba and the captain Urn D’Hothek was killed as well as the traitor Arfingwer.

The new Grey Gauntlet is now focused on training rather than protection.

Terey Wesalt

Ugin, Tarius, Feles, Thos Dunhat, Inva, Gieliah, Terey Wesalt, Fore, Bether, Glirrent Dor, Owudd, Addron

Former members (deceased)
200 guildmembers, Amen Jorde, Bondia, Amror, Arfingwer, Ynag, Wene, Illatus, Lómémir, Fang, Eluviel, Millyn

Sub groups
The Grey Avengers, The Shadow Covenant

Gloomwrought, the Shadow Plane

Neutral good

The Grey Gauntlet

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