Tear of Pharasma

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The Tear of Pharasma is a Narses artifact of unknown power. The artifact is the literal tear of the goddess Pharasma. The tear has a liquid shape, and binds itself to a person’s arm and disappears.
The artifact was kept hidden within Amen Jorde’s body, unbeknownst to anyone but himself and the weaponmaster Gieliah. It is also unknown whether it is the reason for Orin Katar and Zaros’ attack on the guild.

The artifact holds a strange bond to the Hourglasses: If the host of the Tear touches an Hourglass, he and anyone near him is transported to the Chained Statue.

Its current host is the dwarf Thos Dunhat of the Grey Avengers, friend to the Shadowwolves.

It is said that something was taken from Pharasma, and she wept for so long that her tear fell into the multiverse where it traveled for a long time. It was only when ancient Narses shamans gathered to summon the artifact that it finally came to rest in the material world.

Aura overwhelming transmutation

Tear of Pharasma

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