Simon Goodchild

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Simon Goodchild is merely an alias of the drow Sinafay, who was a guard of the drow embassador of Gloomwrought. He warns the Heroes about Orin Katar’s attack on the Grey Gauntlet, but wasn’t able to help them further.

He is killed by wererats, led by Carai, when talking to the Heroes in the Sunken Isle. With the help of a Speak with Dead spell, the Heroes are able to learn where his hideout is, and that he has an ally called Morgost. Morgost explains that the two of them started the group Viddenvelp together.

The Heroes returns to Simon Goodchild’s body one year later to learn more about the Nightbringers and the Hourglasses.

Morgost is his brother and father.

Simon Goodchild

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