Orin Katar

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Orin Katar was one of the Keepers, a secret organisation in Gloomwrought. Very little is know about them and their operations other than they consisted of serpentfolk.
Orin Katar made an assault on the Grey Gauntlet, which Morgost revealed to be a favor owned to the rogue drow Zaros and his group: the Nightbringers.

Orin Katar’s headquarters lay under Carradh Landing in the Drowned Quarters of Gloomwrought. The Black Well was the center of their hideout and power.

Orin Katar was finally destroyed in 3,200 AF by the remnants of the Grey Gauntlet, the Wererats of Gloomwrought and a swarm of d’ziriaks led by Gieliah. The leader Damuba was killed as well as all his generals.

Damuba (deceased)

300+, Dónal Gitan (deceased), Urn D’Hothek (deceased), Arfingwer (deceased)

Gloomwrought, the Shadow Plane


Orin Katar

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