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Itu’mostharug is an ancient neothelid who dwells in the darkest bowels of the Shadow Plane. He is the mastermind behind the plot to imprison Dammar the Denied and control death on the Plane of Shadow.
He had no actual hand in destroying the Grey Gauntlet, murdering Amen Jorde or finding the Tear of Pharasma. These were the responsibilities of his apprentice Zaros.

Itu’mostharug and his kin once had a mighty subterranean empire, but were overwhelmed by the neighboring races which bred much faster. The result was near-extinction, which for a long time caused them to concentrate solely on the survival of their race.

When his last relatives died, Itu’mostharug became increasingly fascinated by the death of mortal beings. He attacked the mighty Urbâid civilization in 2070 AF, but were defeated and banished to another reality. But thanks to the might of the great neothelid, he managed to hook onto the tendrils of the Shadowfell and has spent the rest of his time there plotting.


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