Caer Tache

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Small city

The Plane of Shadow

Societal information


Fetchlings, elves, humans, tieflings


Political information

Government type
Magic tyranny

Notable NPCs

Arch-mage Claugyliam Dostril
Lord of Eagles Celodor
Missing warlock Arim Androsill


Caer Tache is a community know for its peculiar wizards who are eccentric and often dangerous in their spell-casting manners. They indulge in arcane experimentation and study.
The city is home to a number of clans and an eyrie of giant eagles led by Lord Celodor. The master of the settlement used to be the warlock Arim Androsill. The warlock disappeared without a trace one morning, and the wizard families’ quarrel over leadership quickly turned to all-out war as the infighting turned to violence. The skirmishes would end up taking more than 500 lives.
A number of wizards fled the city following the fighting, most notably Harkle Harpell who settled down in Glen Cairn

Places of interest

Wizard families
There are a number of wizard clans in Caer Tache, most notably Dostril, Harpell, Sharnshield and Ostever. They were apprentices of Arim Androsill, but after the warlock’s disappearance they were quick to attack each other and fight to the death.

Ruined city
Beneath the sewers lie the former settlement of Caer Tache, which now is an abandoned dungeon. When faced with limited space, the wizards choose to just build on top of the former structures.

Caer Tache

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