Arim Androsill

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A warlock who gains an alliance with the mysterious, alien lifeforms of the Far Realm is called a star pact warlock.
Arim Androsill rose to prominent power with his otherworldly might and gathered thousand of followers. He is deemed one of the mightiest individuals in history, and some speculate he might actually reach divinity.

He has settled in the fortress of Caer Tache from where he trains his followers and communicates with the far beyond.

The only creature Arim has been able to contact from the maddening plane is the beholder Redloheb. He was in possession of one of the Hourglasses, but it is now destroyed.

He helps the time-traveling Effron and Belumbar to arrive safely through the Far Realm. He promised them dragonshards as payment, but goes back on his word and refuses to pay them what was promised. He also refuses to give them back their headbands (that protects them from the madness of the Far Realm), and also plots to kidnap the elf Lómithran, whom he knows send the two through time.

Ever since the 10th of April 3001 AF, Arim Androsil has mysteriously vanished. Following his disappearance, the wizard families of his city Caer Tache has erupted into violent infighting for leadership. Thos manages to retrieve the Hourglasses and bring them with him to Glen Cairn.

Arim Androsill

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