Dammar the Denied

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Dammar the Denied is a psyhopomp usher and the child of Pharasma. He was always an outcast and spend most of his time wandering the Outer Sphere.
He used to be the overseer of any and all deaths on the Shadow Plane. When the cult of the Nightbringers learned of this, they set out to capture the demigod. By using an ancient Narses ritual and the petrified shell of a primordial being, they managed to trap him without his mother’s knowledge.
Pharasma wept for days and nights for her son, whom she presumed had left her side forever. One of her tears fell into the multiverse where it was transformed into the Tear of Pharasma.

The Nightbringers’ leader Itu’mostharug managed to form an alliance with another psychopomp, Mahathallah, who in turn took over Dammar’s responsibilities and used her minions to guard the Chained Statue. Life and death on the Shadow Plane is now literally in the hands of the cult.

Should the chains that holds the Chained Statue be broken, Dammar would be set free.

Dammar the Denied

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