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Each month = 30 days.

28 Mar The party receives their first assignment for the Grey Gauntlet. They meet Parise Ulfbinder, Lómithran and Simon Goodchild.
The guild is attacked and destroyed by Orin Katar. Amen Jorde is killed by Zaros.

29 Mar The party tries to find the remaining members of the Grey Gauntlet before they are found by Orin Katar. Simon Goodchild i skilled by wererats, but gives the Heroes the location of his hideout and names his ally: Morgost.
The party is attacked by Dónal Gitan in the Red Iron Maiden and kills him. They meet Shadow Star.

30 Mar The party investigates Simon Goodchild’s hideout and learn more about Morgost.

1 Apr The heroes once again meet with Shadow Star and leads them back to their safe house. They leave for Caer Tache.

8 Apr The Heroes arrive in Caer Tache and meet Harkle Harpell.

10 Apr The Heroes slay a bearded devil in the dungeons below Caer Tache and banish it to Hell for 100 years.

12 Apr The Heroes finally meet with Arim Androsill. They are shown one of the Hourglasses, which sends them on a short trip to the Chained Statue.
They witness an audition with Redloheb and also catches a glimpse of two time-travellers flying through the Far Realm.

13 Apr The Heroes gains intel about Blundorn and fight a chuul in the dungeons below Caer Tache. In the evening they are teleported to Tyr’Ebarl by Arim.

14 Apr The Heroes meet Ingerdg of the Hellhound’s Tavern. They also go to Hildo of the Hydra to gain info about their Grey Gauntlet comrades.

16 Apr The Heroes return to the Hydra, only to have Hildo blackmail them. They decide to take immediate action and kill him. He turns out to be a doppelganger who have kept them real Hildo imprisoned.

17 Apr The Heroes meet Bael An Ashock and are reunited with Riftclaw in the Underworks.

18 Apr The Heores return to Gloomwrought and meet The Ruby Covenant and The Sword and Lamp.

19 Apr The Heroes tries to reach Morgost by travelling to Ched Nasad, but are attacked by House Melarn thugs. They successfully puts the blame on Orin Katar.

20 Apr The party contacts Morgost, and learns that Orin Katar attacked the Grey Gauntlet on the order of Zaros and his group: the Nightbringers. Arfingwer betrays the group to Orin Katar.

22 Apr The party finally settles in their new home in the Plaza District. They decide to open a school and then they report back to Arim Androsill.
They pick up two contracts by the city guard after asking about the rumor that a gargoyle in the Gargoyle Plaza should have been sabotaged. They fight a bunch of wererats in their nest.

25 Apr Arim Androsill arrive to help the Heroes, he brings them back to Caer Tache so they can pursue the beholder Blundorn.

26 Apr The Heroes embark on their journey for the Material Plane.

9 May The party camps below the town Undercliff.

11 May The Heroes fight stone giants in a mountain pass, and Inva is nearly crushed by a thrown boulder. The fight ends when they slay the giant king.

17 May The party stumbles upon the lair of Lymego, but after Thos is nearly killed they choose to run!

20 May The entrance to Blundorn’s dungeon is finally located! Unfortunately it lies at the top of an orc camp. The Heroes wait for nightfall, then sneak into the dungeon. An epic battle follows when the Heroes stumble upon the beholder, but they are victorious in the end. They find the second Hourglass.

21 May The Heroes are brought to the mind flayer city Oryndoll by Rai-Guy. Morgost introduces them to Yharaskrik who sends them on a mission to plant a virus in the neh-thalggu hive mind.

29 May The Heroes succeed in giving a corrupt mind to the neh-thalggu. They are brought back to Oryndoll.

6 Jun The Heroes arrive at Caer Tache. An enchanter from the Ostever begins work on Ugin’s Headband of Vast Intelligence.

19 Jun Ugin finally gets his headband! The Heroes learn that a group of hostiles have stolen an Hourglass from the eccentric wizard Narder, and are fleeing towards the Fey Garden Rift. The Heroes intercept and defeat the group.
Arim wants them to investigate these Greddians, so they travel to Kester Lob.

20 Jun The Party leaves Kester Lob in search of the Greddians. They spend the night in a small village called Beystead.

23 Jun The Party stumbles upon the bard Murris who leads them to the Greddian camp where they meet the partisan leader Felix Lusupov.

24 Jun After a failed attempt at infiltration, the party is forced to reveal their intentions to the Greddian leader. They agree to help map the caves behind the Greddian camp in return of their freedom and the information about the Hourglasses.
The party stumbled upon a gihyanki temple and are nearly killed in the following battle. They meet the Tri-Lobed Eye for the first time, though something about he/she/it feels familiar.

25 Jun The party wakes up in the githyanki temple and continues the exploration. They learn that Karsk Jättenäve (the leader of the Trolls of Webwood) have asked the Greddians for the Hourglass in exchange for an alliance.

29 Jun The party reaches Kester Lob again. They fight the city guard to escape, after having assaulted some street thugs.

8 Jul The party reaches Gloomwrought and learn that Bondia and Amror have been killed. Eluviel is missing and Glirrent Dor has been severly wounded.

9 Jul The party attack the last known Orin Katar outpost in Gloomwrought. They fight the serpentfolk abomination Urn D’Hothek, but he manages to escape after a long battle.

10 Jul The Grey Gauntlet launches their final assault on Orin Katar. As the battle unfolds, the heroes finally fight the leader of the guild: Damuba. They manage to kill the serpentfolk shadow lord along with Urn D’Hothek and the treacherous Arfingwer. They are victorius, Orin Katar is destroyed!

12 Sep The new hero group meets with Ugin in Gloomrock and goes on a mission to save Adlaur’s companions. Their reward is a tome called the Malign Folio of Keti.

14 Sep The heroes takes a quest from the mysterious Hellhelm to aquire a golden bracelet from a dungeon.

15 Sep The heroes return with the bracelet, but the exchange ends in a fight. Hellhelm narrowly escapes, but his lieutenant Cirdenor is killed. The Heroes choose to spare the lives of Hellhelm’s men Gimlore and Sorli.

17 Sep The heroes travels to the Material Plane on an elemental job for Rokur Gepta and to get an Hourglass for Arim Androsill.

20 Sep The heroes arrive in Cadun and gets the elemental mission from Anwegor Burne.

22 Sep The heroes kills the evil spellcaster summoning fire elementals, but the citizens are far from happy about the sorcery! They save Anwegor from being executed, since the Cadun guards and clan Tholas think of him as a traitor. While saving Anwegor, Ugin kills chief Tholas.

24 Sep The heroes spend the night in a cave where they meet Sexfreand his men Helman and Henry. The men are hunting a group of prisoners who escaped from Treton. The hunters don’t appear to be legitimate bounty hunters, and seem to have an ulterior motive.

25 Sep The heroes save the prisoner Frit from two bounty hunters, but the prisoner refuse to explain the situation to the heroes.

2 Oct The heroes finally arrive in Kester Lob.

4 Oct The heroes defeat Karsk Jättenäve and obtains two Hourglasses.

6 Oct The heroes return to Kester Lob.

7 Oct The newly named Shadowwolves travel to the Shadow Plane to visit Rokur Gepta and then Arim Androsill.

24 Oct After Gunvar was cursed by a wraith, the heroes finally arrive in Gloomwrought. They hand in the quest for Rokur and starts travelling to Caer Tache.

1 Nov The heroes arrive only to realize that Arim Androsill isn’t home, but Thos and Feles of the Grey Avengers greets them. But upon showing them their newly found hourglasses the group is attacked by cultists led by a worm that walks.
The cultists are worshipers of Groetus, which makes it likely that they belong to the Nightbringers.

4 Nov Arim returns and promises that there will be consequences for attacking his home and guests. He explains that more resources will be put into finding the Hourglasses and fighting the Nightbringers.
In order to strengthen their organisation, Arim decides to summon Effron and Belumbar into existence.

8 Nov Arim comes to the Shadowwolves to inform them of the location of an Hourglass located on the top of a pyramid in Asridoen. The party leaves and brings Effron along.
The heroes land in the middle of a canyon on the savanna. The heroes decide to travel west towards the coast and possibly the “capital” of Asridoen: Jagre Un.

11 Nov The heroes pass by the village of Kayemba, who warns them of a danger by the coast. The heroes choose to ignore the warning.

16 Nov The danger that the village elder of Kayemba talked about turns out to be a mighty blue dragon! The creature tries to kill the heroes, but a miraculous collapse of the canyon buries the adventurers and saves them from the beast.

23 Nov The Heroes finally arrive in Jagre Un. Ugin buys the slave Mako and the party spend a day researching the library in Jagre Un and learns that the Pyramid of Zinj is located in the Jungles of Osongo. They also learn that a mysterious person arrived in Jagre Un a few days prior and were also looking for the pyramid

1 Dec After a week on the sea, the Heroes arrive in Bloodfen Keep where they are greeted by Captain Luso Maximus and the scholar Addius Decius.
Addius explains that the captain Servius Afrentius arrived a couple of days before with 6 Vallinian soldiers and a group of people in black robes. The group left the Keep and headed into the jungle with many provisions and a lot of survival gear. Addius suspects that Afrentius is corrupt.
The Heroes are given free passage if they swear to bring back the 6 Vallinian soldiers unharmed.

2 Dec The Heroes leave Bloodfen keep and travels east towards the pyramid. On their journey they encounter many creatures such as dinosaurs and the gorilla-like charau-ka. The party also manage to avoid numerous traps in the jungle and also start a forest fire that follows them close behind.

12 Dec After many days of tiresome journey through the vast jungle, the party finally arrives at the pyramid. They encounter the soldiers of Vallinia, but are unable to persuade them that Servius Afrentius is corrupt. They does however manage to subdue the soldiers without hurting them, and to kill the corrupt Afrentius.
After a tiring battle through the pyramid, the Heroes finally kill another worm that walks and recover an Hourglass.

21 Dec The Heroes arrive in Bloodfen Keep.

22 Dec The Heroes return to the Shadow Plane.

3200 AF

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