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Each month = 30 days.

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25 Jan After some time, the Shadowwolves finally return to Arim Androsill. To their great surprise, Arim refuses to honor his word to pay Effron in dragonshards. Effron is insulted and choose to leave.
Later the same day, Belumbar finds the group and reveals that Arim Androsil followed him when he went to Gloomwrought. This leads Effron and Belumba to reevaluate their relationship to the warlock, and they decide to leave Caer Tache and the warlock’s employment.
The Heroes visits Arim to talk with him, but he doesn’t seem to care about his promise or the troubles of the two time travelers.

27 Jan Arim Androsil visits the Heroes and send them on a mission: Effron and Belumbar have stolen the warlock’s dragonshards and are on their way to Gloomwrought.
The Shadowwolves stop the two, who reveals that the warlock has not only denied them their rightful payment, he also refuse to hand back their headbands used to protect them while traversing the Far Realm. The Heroes let the two walk away and return to Arim with the dragonshards.

1 Feb Arim sends the Heroes to Gloomwrought to persuade the Jistka blood elf Lómithran to travel to Caer Tache to help the warlock with his studies. They are accompanied by the rogue elf Iorveth.

6 Feb The Heroes visit the Jistka Lómithran, but it is quite impossible for him to leave his home. The Jistka are under siege from the Azlanti, and it would result in their doom should he leave the embassy unprotected.
To their surprise they meet Effron in the embassy. He finally reveals that it was Lómithran who send them through time, build their headbands and who needs the dragonshards to heal their friend. It is now quite clear why Arim is interested in the blood elf: he needs him to reach the Far Realm.

7 Feb The Heroes return to Arim and explain that they do not want anything to do with this business of his. He is disappointed, but agrees that their cooperation is at an end.

18 Feb The Heroes battle earth elementals on an assignment for Rokur Gepta.

29 Feb The Heroes learn that while they have been away, the Jistka embassy in Gloomwrought have been destroyed and every blood elf is presumed dead. They pick up an assignment from Gloomwrought’s bounty board and heads for the Rift of Emen Kettel to travel to Crow Rest.

4 Mar The Heroes befriend another adventure group who they travel alongside with. The two groups are attacked and most of the other adventurers are killed. The leader of the group choose to head back to Gloomwrought but first offer the Shadowwolves their job contract. They accept.

17 Mar The Heroes arrive in Rasburh to find the wizard Sabeth and stop him from summoning demons in the human city. They find his tower, kill his minions and defeat the wizard. Sabeth’s apprentice however is missing and is presumed to have escaped during the fight.
The Heroes buy a merchant cart and travels from Rasburh to Cafeld in order to lure out whomever or whatever has been attacking merchants on the road.

20 Mar The Heroes pass a vagabond who sneakily tries to cast detect magic on their cart. They scare him away, but are ambushed a few hours later. They kill the highwaymen who all turns out to be fetchlings. Apparently they find caravans carrying magical items, then use magic illusions to scare away the travellers and plunder the goods. The Heroes find the location of the bandits’ lair.

21 Mar The Heroes fight their way through the enemy lair, but the leader manages to flee. He is a svartalfar and goes by the name Gwion.

24 Mar The Heroes leave Cafeld for Beskarr aboard the ship of Lord Otes.

28 Mar The ship is attacked by the pirate Mourmyd who is allied with aquatic trolls. They defeat the pirate and travels on.

17 Apr The Heroes finally arrive back in Gloomwrought where they learn that the great warlock Arim Androsill has vanished, and his city Caer Tache has been struck by violent infighting between the wizard families. Harkle, Tiny Arker and Edmure Harpell have escaped and moved into the Heroes’ home Glen Cairn. Other refugees from Caer Tache is the Harpell mercenary Jorga and the halfling Nefsti.
Thos has managed to secure the Hourglasses from Arim’s vault and brought them to Glen Cairn. The question now is how to hide the artifacts, and for that they will need allies!

17 May Our Heroes decide to approach Morgost and ask for his help and assistance dealing with the Nightbringers. He agrees and points them in the direction of the dead Simon Goodchild, who knows most about the group. Morgost explains the Heroes that the recent he has seen more Nightbringer activity in the last 12 months than anyone has seen for hundreds of years.

18 May Retrieving the body of Simon Goodchild causes Terey Wesalt’s old hideout to collapse. The body of the drow can however still help the Heroes. He gives them a bunch of background on the Hourglasses, the Nightbringers and his relationship to Morgost.
Following the directions of the deceased, the Heroes travel to Crawichold to find and speak with the cultist of Groetus: Hjalti Rukh, who might know more about the sect.

23 May Hjalti explains how he used to know a man who joined the Nightbringers. The Heroes choose to travel back to Tyr’Ebarl to talk with their friends.

22 Jun After a long travel the Heroes finally arrive in Glen Cairn only to learn that Thos and Harkle have gone on a mission far away.

7 Jul The Heroes and their allies Edmure and Jorga learn that Thos, Harkle, Tiny Arker and Nefsti are taken prisoners in the land of Donimrotr. They immediately organize a rescue by teleporting to the land far in the north. They arrive by plane shift in an area of rocky hills south of the country. They begin the travel north to the city Frolfidalr.

14 Jul Arriving in the city Frolfidalr, the Heroes find the man Dinarv who allegedly helped a dwarf and his companions with directions and advice to some catacombs east of the settlement. They learn that an ancient monster guards the catacombs, and they learn that it is made of cold itself.

17 Jul After traveling east to the catacombs with a new companion, Molan, our Heroes enter the catacombs and find their friends. They have been hiding from the monster for 2 weeks, and have gone quiet mad from the isolation. On their way out they are attacked by the ancient creature: a frost worm.
But the Heroes came prepared, and bombards the monster with fire and bombs. The creature puts up a short fight before succumbing to its wounds, exploding in a blast of ice! The Heroes suffer several wounds, but escape with their lives.

17 Jul – 8 Aug The Heroes learn the origin of the Tear of Pharasma and travels to Tepleva in Tesramm to learn more. They meet the archaelogist Zbynha who tells them of the ancient Narses people and of their legends about a Chained Statue.

1 Nov After a long journey, the Heroes return to Glen Cairn with Zbynha.

21 Nov The heroes decide to infiltrate the Nightbringers in Thultanthar where they meet a new companion: Kragz.

1 Dec The Heroes gather some hair from the cultists and use them to track them down.

4 Dec With a Nightbringer cultist as prisoner, the Heroes return to Glen Cairn and learn many things:
The leader of the Nightbringers is called Itu’mostharug, and his 2nd in command is his apprentice Zaros, who is also Master of Chains and responsible for the Hourglasses.
The Nightbringers currently posses 3 Hourglasses.
The fat Luk Gashagr is an oracle of the Nightbringers and might posses one of the Hourglasses.
Orloorj the Corsair is in possession of the last Hourglass.


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